About our AI Models

Conservation AI aims to harness machine learning for various conservation projects. The conservation AI site allows you to upload your media for automatic species detection using our AI models. Using the site you can upload single files or batch upload files to create an online libary of classified data all in one place. The conservation AI platform also supports real-time uploads from devices such as camera traps to enable the real-time detection and classification of animal species.

Our models are trained to classify different species based on their geographical location. To date we have tagged over 150,000 objects across hundreds of different species. We use googles open source deep learning platform TensorFlow to train and inference our models.

What we can detect

You can use the dashboard below to see if a species is in one of our trained models along with how many images were used during training.

ConservationAI provides a generic detector which can detect Person, Animals and Cars (PAC). If a species is not included in one of our existing models you can select the PAC model to perform basic classification.

Camera Trap Models: