Knosley Safari Feild Trial

Conservation AI have started an 18-month trial with Knowsley Safari Today we did a first phase deployment of our 4G AI-Enabled Camera Traps. We installed one Camera Trap in the Rhino paddock, one in the Baboon paddock, two in the lion paddock and one in the Antelope paddock. Using our Sub-Saharan model these are some of the images transmitted of the Vodafone IoT network and the animal detections so far.

Detecting Wildlife Using Realtime Video Feeds from Africa

Our new Sub-Saharan Object Detection Model being used to detect animals from live video streams in Africam Safari The model can now detect 13 different animals to automatically monitor and document wildlife behaviour in remote locations. This is one of the world’s first real-time remote animal detection systems that is currently being developed by a small team of people at ConservationAI Paul Fergus Serge Wich Basma Taleb Ross Verrall Ekaterina Sirazitdinova Kaleb Smith, Ph.D. NVIDIA AI. This is an exciting technology that will allows Read more…

Cumulative Species Counting

Cumulative species counting using object detection from the new Aeyed video analytics platform has been embedded in ConservationAI. The video shows how conservationists can monitor and track biodiversity by counting distinct species using camera traps and other devices. Here Zebras are automatically identified and calculated using the platforms counting service. The services provided Aeyed and ConservationAI offers a wide variety of different video analytic tools.

ConservationAI has a new model

The video shows how the Sub-Saharan African model performs on live footage. Look out for the Luxton African detection and the detection of the car in the distance. This model is running on a consumer laptop (approx. £2000) with a GTX 2070 GPU – pretty impressive 😊. ConservationAI is a free service please get in touch if you are interested in using the model.