Conservation AI provides advanced machine learning techniques to analyse vast quantities of data, offering invaluable insights to conservationists. Conservation AI facilitates the identification and categorisation of animals, humans, and man-made objects, particularly those indicative of poaching activities, such as vehicles. To accomplish this, we rapidly analyse imagery obtained from visual spectrum and thermal infrared cameras, commonly deployed in camera traps or on drones.

Conservation AI provides a seamless and user-friendly workflow, capable of facilitating both near-real-time and non-real-time detection and classification processes. By harnessing the power of AI, we strive to empower conservationists with cutting-edge tools that enable them to make informed decisions and take prompt actions in their critical efforts to safeguard our natural ecosystems.

We have ongoing test projects with Knowsley Safari and the Animal and Plant Health Agency in the UK, the Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa, and the Greater Mahale Ecosystem Research and Conservation team. A full list of our partners can be found here.

When images, video or audio files are uploaded to the Conservation AI site they are automatically classified by our trained models to return the species and the associated probability value. Images and audio files can be sent automatically from a variety of different sources including camera traps, drones and existing media. See Getting Started for more details.

How It Works

Conservation AI can automatically identify different species by processing historical data or integrating with variety of different camera deployments for real-time monitoring using 3/4G communications where available.

Powerful Analytics

Get on demand analytics to easily view detections and related information.

Conservation AI Hardware

Get detections in real-time using camera traps and other sensors. Images are automatically uploaded, processed, classified and tagged to your account. Conservation AI works with your existing hardware.

Set real-time alert preferences to notify you when specific species or objects are detected in your data. Alerts are automatically generated and sent to your nominated email address.

What Can We Detect?

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wdt_ID Scientific Name Common Name Model Name Model Type Region Image
2 Equus Quagga Zebra Sub Saharan Vision Africa
3 Giraffa Camelopardalis Giraffe Sub Saharan Vision Africa
4 Loxodonta Africana Elephant Sub Saharan Vision Africa
6 Genus Tragelaphus Spiral-horned Bovines Sub Saharan Vision Africa
8 Panthera Leo Lion Sub Saharan Vision Africa

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