🌍 We’re thrilled to announce a significant update to our Sub Saharan Africa model – now including Gorilla detection! This leap forward in our AI capabilities brings us closer to understanding and protecting these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats.
📸 The early results are in, and they’re impressive! Our attached images showcase the AI’s ability to accurately detect Gorillas. While we’re proud of the progress, we’re committed to further refining the model. Higher confidence values are on the horizon – so stay tuned!
🙌 A heartfelt thank you goes out to Chester Zoo, especially to Stuart Nixon and Naomi Matthews, for their invaluable contribution. Their generosity in sharing critical images has been instrumental in this development. Collaborations like these are vital in the intersection of technology and Conservation.
👀 Watch this space for more updates, and join us in our mission to leverage AI for the greater good of wildlife conservation.


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