You Can Only Manage What You Can Measure

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You Can Only Measure What You Can Conserve

Conservation AI aims to harness machine learning for various conservation projects. At present we focus on detecting and classifying animals, humans, and man-made objects indicative of poaching (e.g. cars, fires). We focus work with images from visual spectrum and thermal infrared cameras that are used on drones or in camera traps. The aim is to provide a user-friendly workflow that can allow for near-real time detection/classification and non-real time detection/classification.

Identify Species

Use AI to automatically identify species. Using the site you can upload single files or batch upload files to create an online libary of classified data all in one place.

Model Biodiversity

Discover trends to help understand biodiversity and habitat health.


The conservation AI platform also supports real-time uploads from devices such as camera traps to enable the real-time detection and classification of animal species.